Redbud Films is a Vancouver based video production company

focused on live music, entertainment, and behind-the-scenes promos

What we offer

Redbud Films is your one-stop resource for high quality video. Whether you are a solo performer or band looking to get the attention of a festival committee or a show/web series/video or film producer looking to get audiences out to a venue or glued to their screens… we can help.

We offer a variety of solutions ranging from short edgy promos to documentary style “making of” web series to engage, educate and entertain your audience.


“I couldn’t have asked for someone better to work with on the Wachu Series. Jeanette’s keen eye for storytelling and journalism has made the Wachu video series a great success.”

— David Ward

“Even beyond the great video, Redbud Films delivers great sound — which is hard to do, but essential for any musician or live-music show.”

— Blue Morris, Rock and Roll Burlesque

Stills from Our Videos

Soda pop sizzle and street-light cool Learn More